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Panto Rules, OK! (2012)

In Gameland things are peaceful with the Gamesmaster ruling over the hard working and happy Games. But Roulette is convinced her games of chance are better than the games of skill and wants to prove it to the Gamesmaster once and for all. She orders her henchmen, Blackjack and Bingo to steal the magical Book of Rules, the source of his authority and power.

Now the quest is on to get the Book of Rules back. The Gamesmaster’s son Ludo and Dame Solitaire enlist a repentant Bingo to help now he has turned sides once he realised how nasty Roulette was. Together they travel to the Wild West and meet the Poker Hands to try and get the map to the secret entrance into Roulette’s casino. The Poker Hands, who are really working for Roulette, kidnap Ludo. It is left to Solitaire and Bingo to find the Caves of Blackness and, from there, enter the casino to try and rescue Ludo and get the Book of Rules back.


Panto Rules, OK! was written and directed by John Hicks.

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