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Dick Whittington (2023)

A Traditional Pantomime by Mike Brook

Our story unfolds on the streets of London. Where Dick has heard the streets are paved with gold. So, to seek his fortune he travels to London where he meets Jack and the lovely Alice, and is befriended by a stray cat, who tells him her name is Tabitha.

All is going well until Dick is framed for taking money by the villainous King Rat. He is turned away and made to leave the lovely Alice.  Feeling miserable, he finds his way to the docks. There he is recruited on the good ship Leaky Boot and Africa is in his sights.

What lies ahead, Dick doesn’t know, but all he wants to do is clear his name and return to the lovely Alice.

King Rat has other Ideas. He is set on world domination and is out to lure Alice away to his lair.

Can Dick defeat King Rat! Cheer Dick and his friends on and Boo King Rat, and with your help…maybe!

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