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November 2009 Mews and Pews
July 2009 Weekend Breaks and Dinner Plans
February 2009 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
July 2008 Moving Pictures
February 2008 Babes in the wood - revisited!
October 2007 Oklahoma!
May 2007 Wild Wild West End
February 2007 Arabian Knights the panto!
July 2006 Oklahoma!
April 2006 A Tomb with a View
February 2006 Dick Whittington
October 2005 Little Shop of Horrors
August 2005 The Truth
February 2005 Hercules the Panto
July 2004 Little Shop of Horrors
February 2004 Five Gold Rings
October 2003 Thatcham Arts Festival
August 2003 The Slipper and the Rose
February 2003 Frankenstein the Panto
August 2002 The Shakespeare Revue
Summer 2002 Newbury Carnival
February 2002 Sleeping Beauty
December 2001 Christmas Lights Potted Panto
November 2001 Kittens
2001 Thatcham Arts Festival
September 2001 Carpe Jugulum
February 2001 Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood
October 2000 Noughties to Nineties
February 2000 Pantomillenium