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December 1999 Christmas Lights - Potted Panto
1999 Wyrd Sisters
September 1999 Relaxing with KATS
February 1999 Robinson Crusoe
August 1998 KATS Karnival
January 1998 The Wonderful Story of Mother Goose
August 1997 KATS Entertainment
January 1997 Pumpkins and Palaces
August 1996 The Good Old Days
April 1996 Flying Feathers
December 1995 The Wizard of Oz
September 1995 KATS are in Town Again
April 1995 Beyond Reasonable Doubt
December 1994 Sinbad the Sailor
September 1994 KATS Are Back In Town
April 1994 Daisy Pulls It Off
December 1993 Sleeping Beauty
September 1993 Oliver!
April 1993 Key for Two
December 1992 Dick Whittington
April 1992 Anagram of Murder
January 1992 Cinderella
1991 KATS Go Hollywood
April 1991 Stepping Out
January 1991 Jack and the Beanstalk
1990 KATS Kapers
April 1990 Blithe Spirit