Front of House

The Cast has their 15 minutes of fame with a whole audience watching them and calling out to them.

Front of house is as far removed from the stage and production as we can possibly get while still being involved.
However we STILL have the whole audience watching us and calling out. Usually where is my drink and where is the toilet.

Front of House is very challenging as everyone needs something during the interval and the cast have needs to be met during the performance. [ooer!, Ed.] As ever our thanks goes out to those that have helped in the past, and we welcome those who are interested in helping in the future!

Many shows have the added challenge of the Foyer being turned into its own little production. The positive comments and obvious enjoyment of the audience has us considering what to do with the next show. So watch out you may be entering a fairyland soon.

A big thank you has to go out to everyone who has kept front of house moving for the last few years. Keep up the good work!!