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 What Do We Do?

We normally stage three or four public productions a year.
The Pantomime is staged in February, a musical show or play in late summer and a variety show in October as part of the Thatcham Arts Festival.

Larger productions are taken to the Corn Exchange, and smaller productions use local village halls and New Greenham Arts.

Summer Show

Our summer shows have been varied over the years, including the following:

Cabaret style production, combining song and dance with comedy and melodrama.
Featuring an impressive array of beautiful costumes.

Musical production, with shows as adventurous as 'Little Shop of Horrors' and 'Oklahoma!'.

Plays offering a break from the more traditional musical shows have offered something different for our audiences over the last few years.


Performed in early February and generally aimed at a young audience.
We try to provide the ever popular ingredients of panto:

A traditional Story
Audience participation
Colour, special effects, music & fun
Something for all the family!


A chance for anybody who fancies trying something a bit different to become a director. Usually aimed at the smaller venues our plays slot in well around our main shows.

Travelling Show

We are often asked to 'tour' local retirement homes and other similar venues.
This is usually a selection of songs and dance from the summer cabaret and is often presented around the Christmas season.


Partly our 'nursery' and partly a fun social evening.
Kittens shows can be comprised of members 'party pieces' or, more seriously, a try out for a full production.
This is a show which is played to a much smaller audience, made up of friends and family.
The usual venue is Upper Bucklebury Village Hall.