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With effect from 1st March 2010 and cancelling all previous Terms of Condition, the following will apply to all costume hires unless varied in writing by Kennet Amateur Theatrical Society, hereafter referred to as KATS.
Title                All costumes and accessories contained therein remain the property of KATS.
Hire                The period of hire shall be that agreed at the time of booking and stipulated on the hire form.  No variation shall be accepted unless confirmed in writing by KATS.  The hirer is responsible for the costume from the time it is collected or despatched, until it is returned.
Restrictions   Minimum online order value shall be £20 in total.  In person, at KATS discretion.
Categories     The amount charged will be in relation to the costume category as specified when ordering the costume.  Values are per article.
·         Category A                   £5
·         Category B                   £10
·         Category C                  £15
·         Category D                  £25
Discounts may be negotiated for bulk or long term hire at the discretion of KATS.
Postage is not included in the above and details are available upon request.
Deposit           Shall be £20 or100% of hire charge per item, whichever is the higher amount.
Payment        KATS will accept cheques under the value of the accompanied guarantee card, or cash.  Payment must be received in full, in advance or upon collection, before costumes are released.  Online payment is available through Paypal, for which a handling charge applies.
Members        All rentals at 50% of the above category values.  No deposit required for personal use.
Third Party    The hirer accepts all responsibility at all times.  No third party hires shall be accepted unless agreed in writing by KATS.
Damage          All costumes must be returned in the condition in which they were hired i.e. should not be cut or altered irrevocably.  Hand sewing or darts are permitted on the basis that they are removed, without damage, before the costume is returned.  Any such alterations, additions or changes in general being present upon return will be considered damage and the costs incurred in restoring the costume will be deducted from the deposit held.
Cleaning         All costumes should be laundered before return.  If you are unclear how to launder an item, please enquire before taking further action.  Damage from failure to enquire shall be treated in compliance with the ‘Damage’ clause above.
Late Return   All costume must be returned by the date specified when ordering. Late returns
& Loss            will be charged at the above rates quoted for hire, each week of non-return, until 
                         the costume has been returned to KATS. If after two weeks the costume has still not been returned it will be deemed lost and the hirer will be invoiced accordingly for the replacement of the costume(s). Costs as far as possible will be deducted from the deposit held; the hirer will be required to make good any shortfall in the funds held on deposit.
Claims             No claim arising from a hire shall be accepted unless notified in writing within 7 days.
Sizes               Sizes quoted on the website are for guidance only and may vary.  It is the responsibility of the hirer to satisfy themselves of the suitability of the costumes before committing to a hire.
Waiver &       Failure by KATS to enforce any of the provisions hereof shall not be a waiver of the Severability  Society’s rights hereunder, nor in any way affect the validity of this contract.