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Q. What is the cost of hiring a costume
A. Childrens costumes are £5 each, adult costumes are £10 each. Discounts are available for groups and large bookings.

Q. Is there a minimum hire charge
A. Yes, for all mail order hire there is a minimum hire charge of £20.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit
A. Yes, a deposit of £10 per costume is required. This is refundable on return of the costume(s).

Q. Can items be sent through the post
A. We can arrange delivery. You should contact us to confirm availability and exact cost.
Ideally collection should be made from the costume store and return there also.

Q. Can items be sent outside of the UK
A. We are unfortunatly only able to send items to the UK mainland.

Q. What is the duration of hire?
A. The standard hire duration is 1 week, although we are always willing to discuss longer hire periods.

Q. What happens if the costume is damaged?
A. Any damage to hired costumes will result in part or all of the deposit being retained. If the damage exceeds the deposit, the balance will be payable, please ask for replacement cost before hire if you are concerned.

Q. Can modifications be made to the costumes?
A. Most of our costumes have room for a certain amount of room for changing the size or appearance. Please discuss any changes when you collect the costume. NO cutting or defacing will be allowed. Darts and hems only.
Costumes must be returned in ORIGINAL state.

Q. I want quite a few items, is there a discount?
A. Please contact us to discuss your requirements further, we will be able to agree a total price with you.

Please ensure all costumes are returned to us in the same, or better condition than when collected, including any accessories, hangers or bags.

Costumes which are modified must be returned to their original state. Please do not cut or deface costumes. Darts and hems only.

Where possible costumes should be cleaned (dry clean or delicate wash) - discuss on point of hire.

Your deposit will be fully refunded if all above conditions are met.