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 KATS Costume Hire

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Sailor Outfits
Sailor shirt
Sailor's Waterproof Jacket Striped
Sailors & Pirates hats
Scarecrow Shirt
School girl
School girl bully
School pinafores - navy
Schoolgirl - blue & white
Scottish - Welsh - Irish... to go with white dresses
Sea Urchin Dress
Sea Urchin Dress 2
Sea Witch - green
Sequinned dress silver
Sequinned Marylin Monroe (1 only)
Servants 2
Shakespeare doublet & hose, multi col
Shakespeare Doublet Mint & Gold
Shakespeare Hats - Mens
Shakespeare men - red & gold
Shakespeare purple & blue
Shakespeare top - orange and green
Shakespeare Women - red & gold
Shakespearean Doublet
Shawlsl & Wraps
Sheriff of Nottingham
Sherlock Holmes Coat
Shirt (S) brown short sleeve
Shirt - Aqua stripe
Shirt - pink, white lace cuff
Shirt - silver sparkle
Shirt - white cropped
Shirt - white, sleeveless with ruff
Shirt copper
Shirt green kahki
Shirt light orange check
Shirt lilac
Shirt pink!
Shirt white and blue check
Shirt yellow
Shirts beige nerd, various
Shirts blue military, various
Shirts blue, long + short sleeve, various
Shirts white
Shirts white, beige stripes
Shirts, grey, various
Shirts, lumberjack, various
shirts, perios, blue or beige stripe
Shirts, white + pink stripes on arm
Shoes - Dance & Sparkly
Shoes - Ladies & Characters
Shoes - Ladies Boots
Shoes - Mens & Dames
Short dungarees - red or green
Short navy pin stripe jacket
Shorts - long, blue
Shorts - red mickey mouse (wired)
Shorts large grey
Shorts light blue
Shorts long brick col
Shorts long brown
Shorts long grey
Shorts long light grey
Shorts mens grey school
Shorts shipwreck rags
Shorts white
Show dress - chort red & stars
Show tux - black
Show tux - blue
Show tux - blue and cerise
Show tux maroon & gold
Showgirl - USA sparkle short dress (group)
Showgirl leotard & bustle
Sinbad & Alladin - adult & child
Skeleton 2
skirt & bolero, glitter fabric
Skirt & jackets - blue & green
Skirt & top (L) blue & white chequered
Skirt & top - 70's linen & embroidery
Skirt & Top - Silver
Skirt & top, floral & white
Skirt (L) - knee length pencil
Skirt (L) beige
Skirt )L) full, silver
Skirt - (L) beige elasticated
Skirt - beige with pockets & darts
Skirt - black & velvet top
Skirt - crush velvet, blue
Skirt - fitted tweed
Skirt - flame, childs, lots available
Skirt - full & net, pink & trim
Skirt - full, white
Skirt - full, yellow & blue stripe
Skirt - lace deep purple
Skirt - locg black with lace overskirt
Skirt - long black & front split
Skirt - long black satin & net top
Skirt - long full blue
Skirt - long pink
Skirt - long pink, elasticated
Skirt - long red crush velvet
Skirt - navy satin
Skirt - pencil, black satin, red edge
Skirt - pencil, grey
Skirt - period, long grey velvet
Skirt - pink satin, gold trim
Skirt - plain pink satin
Skirt - red & black stripe
Skirt - red tartan
Skirt - satin, full, aqua
Skirt - white satin, red bow
Skirt - white tie front
Skirt - white, frill front
Skirt - white, pleat colar
Skirt - white. Pleat colar & cuff
Skirt split & top yellow,red
Skirt yellow & orange
Skirt, fairy
Skirts (s) plain short pencil
Skirts - 50's multi col
Skirts - blue satin
Skirts - chorous plain colours, sheen
Skirts - chorus multi cols
Skirts - chorus, black crush velvet
Skirts - chorus, white lace
Skirts - luminous, various
Skirts - purple x2
Skirts - shine stripe
Skirts - villager, green & purple
Skirts -full, pink satin x2
Skirts Character Green Blue Yellow Red
Skirts red & lace trim
Skirts, green & white apron
Skirts, green glitter
Skirts, maroon + floral apron
Skirts, purple
Skirts, under the sea
Smoking Jacket - Black velvet
Smoking jacket - blue quilted
Smoking jacket - green velvet
Smoking Jacket Black
Snow white
Soldier - Red
Soldier or buttons
Soldiers - Officer, red
Southern Hats, Chokers & Waistbands
Spanish Dress - yellow sequins
Spanish dress, white & red spots
Spanish dress. yellow & red lining
Spanish dresses - orange & green
Spanish Matador
Spanish Senorita Red & Black
Spanish skirt - black & red
Spanish-gypsey aqua skirt & head scarf
Stars & Stripes Shirt & Trousers
Strapless dress - pink & bow bustle
Strappy dress, pink & white lace
Straw Boaters - Mens
Straw Hats - ladies
Straw hats - ladies flowery
Straw Hats - Ladies mix
Straw hats - Ladies mixture
Straw hats - ladies plain & feather
Suit - Fine brown tweed
suit, Black, red grid pattern
Suit, show re&blue taran
Sun hat - period
Swan Lake - Mens (&leggins)