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 KATS Costume Hire

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Cabaret (L) - blue sparkle boddice & fringe
Cabaret - pink shorts top combined
Cabaret - USA Silver & Red
Cabaret boddice's - various col & tastles
Cabaret Dress - black and gold
Cabret - blue satin long dress & silver
Can Can Coloured
Can Can Multicoloured
Can Can Old Set
Can Can Red
Cape - christmas
Cape Red
Cape, Red
Caps, Berrets & Military Hats
Cardigan - beige zip up
Cardigan - green beige zip up
Cardigan Navy baggy
Cardigan sleeveless, moss green
Carman Miranda hats & accessories
Carnival All-in-one Blue Orange Yellow
Carnival Dress - green & orange
Carnival Dress plain sleeve
Cat Woman
Chain Mail & Roman soldier
Chain mail Knight
Character Dress Blue
Character Dress Green
Character hats - Mens
Character Hats - Mens cont.
Character skirt - green & apron
Cheerleaders (8 available)
Childrens - Animal costumes
Childrens fur costumes
Childrens Pantomime - Green
Childrens Pantomime - Maroon
Chinese & 20's Hats
Chinese top - Female (x4)
Chinese Top Mauve
Chinese Wrap Turquoise
Chorus - USA, removable long skirt
Chorus - white shirt, red shorts
Chorus joseph waistcoats
Chorus multi col + ribbon stripe, various
Chorus sparkle black waistcoats
Chorus trousers blue with glittery trim
Chorus turquoise suits
Chorus waistcoat & trousers, blue turq various
Chorus waistcoat & trousers, red & blue
Chorus waistcoat black + blue trim
Chorus waistcoats & trousers blue
Chorus waistcoats blue and white stripe
Chorus waistcoats blue pinstripe glitter
Chorus waistcoats pink with gold glitter pattern
Chorus waistcoats red tartan
Chorus waistcoats smart red
Christmas Dress Red & Sequinned
cinderella - old with patches
Cinderella Cream & Orange
Cinderella Disney
Cinderella Orange & Gold
Cleaner Tabards
Cleaners apron & cap
Cloak - red
Cloak Black
Cloak Black with Gold Stars
Cloak Black with Purple Collar
Cloak Dark Green
Cloak Old Father Time
Cloak royal purple,silver
Cloaks - Christmas reds & greens with white fur trim
Clown - blue & white stripe
Clown - Blue satin & net
Clown Blue with Black Spots
Clown child
Clown jacket blue & white
Clown red stripe
Clown top - blue satin & net
Club blazer Black
Coat - Beige, light rain
Coat - Brown tweed mid length
Coat - period, heavy green velvet
Coat black, fur colar
Coat sheepsking & fur lining
Coat, blue
Coat, gold & black
Cocktail dress (L) salmon
Cocktail dress (s) black & diamante
Cocktail Dress - off shoulder pale blue sparkle
Cocktail dress - red strapless
Cocktail Dress Black & V Sparkly
Comedy Fool with Patches
Copa Cabana
Cordroy trousers blue green
Cordroy trousers brown
Cordroy trousers dark green
Cordroy trousers neutral
Cordroy trousers sand
Corset Under Dresses
Coulottes - long blue polkadot
Country Bumpkin
Country Bumpkin Waistcoat
Country Yokel
court jacket
Court Ladies
Courtier Jackets
Courtier Jackets 2
Courtier or Bridesmaid - lemon
Courtiers Black & Red
Courtiers or Guards
Cow boy shirts - green or blue
Cowboy & Mexican hats
Cowgirl - suede waistcoat & trousers
Cowgirl shirt - white satin & pink
Cowgirl skirt panto
Crowns & Tiaras
Cuffs & Wristlets