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 KATS Costume Hire

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10's gold dress
10s Dress - light blue & white
10s Dress Moss Green with full skirt
10s Dress Pink
10s Green Velvet dress
20's & Chinese Hats
20's & Welsh hats
20's black & white dress
20's box dress, maroon
20's col stripe jacket
20's dress - red
20's flapper dress - green
20's flapper dresses
20's green cream stripe jacket
20's pink flapper dress & silver
20's purple black stripe jacket
20's red yellow black stripe jacket
20's turquoise fringe dress
20's white sailor dress
20s - Pink with lace overlay
20s Dress Blue with Red Tassle
20s Dress Light Blue Floral
20s Dress Pink
20s Dress White with blue spots
20s Flapper - pink
20s Flapper Black Tassles
20s flapper dress - gold
20s Flapper Pink & Black Tassels
30's checkered tweed jacket
30's green floaty evening dress
30's grey pin stripe suit
30's long full sleeveless dress, check
30's striped jacket
30s Cream Satin Dress with beaded top
30s Dress Green
40's 0r 50's dress, blue
40's Cream Dress
40's dress (L) - yellow & black
40's dress - blue & chequered
40's Dress pink yellow
40's evening dress, green
40's floral dress
40's trousers brown grey knit
40s Black & White Dress
40s Blue with Yellow Flares
40s Dress & Jacket Red
40s Dress Black & Blue Floral
40s Dress Purple
40s Dresses & Jackets (yellow & blue)
40s dresses (yellow)
40s Dresses - Air Force Blue
40s Dresses - lilac
40s dresses with jackets (purple and mint)
40s Green Evening Dress
40s Halterneck Dress Black
40s jacket & skirt (green & blue)
40s Outfit Blue Jacket and Floral Skirt
40s Tailored Dress Light Green & Floral
40s Wartime Dress
40s Wartime Jacket
42nd Street - various
42nd street blue black dress
42nd street orange dress
50's Blue glitter pleat dress
50's blue,gold swirl evening dress
50's cream dress with blue spots
50's dress & jacket blue sparkle
50's Halter neck dress - salmon pink
50's halter neck, peach
50's or 60's dress. Front split & train
50's pinstripe waistcoat
50's red satin dress
50's skirt & bollero - mint & cream
50's twee apron
50's yellow satin dress
50s Black with Purple Spots
50s Dress - blue & yellow
50s Dress - Navy & white spots
50s Dress Fitted Blue
50sDress - Lilac & Blue
60's blue dress, crystal detail
60's dress & jacket blue shine
60's fitted dress with bust seam
60's Gown - Mint beaded satin
60's lilac fitted dress
60's Pink lace neglige
60s Two tone purple dress
60s Burgundy skirt & top
60s silver note dress
60s Silver skirt & top
60s Sparkly Purple Dress
60s Sparkly red dress
60s Two tone blue dress
70's (L) floaty dress
70's black strappy dress, silver trim
70's blue & white floaty dress
70's cream dress
70's dress, green & silver
70's evening crimp dress
70's evening dress
70's green floaty dress
70's indian style dress, tunic
70's multi col suede jacket
70's posh knitted coat cream & gold
70's print & ribbon dress
70's shawl or cape
70's white dress, gold embroidery
70s Black Dress
70s Evening Dress - black & silver
70s Floral Dress Cream & Brown
70s Gown Black & White
70s Outfit - black trousers & purple top
70s Tent
70s Waistcoat - white
70s white top & flares with sparkle
80' strapless eve dress green,blue taff.
80's blue floral frill dress
80's blue glitter dress
80's bridesmaid dresses
80's evening dress, black & pink
80's gem green puff sleeve suit
80's green & black dress
80's lenny henry black trousers
80's leopard print dress
80's silver puff sleeve ball dress
80's strapless black cocktail dress
80's strappy black cocktail dress
80s Cocktail Dress Turquoise with Boa
80s Dress Black with White contrast
80s Evening Dress - white with silver
90's evening dress, black
90's evening dress, black layers
90s Evening Dress - blue sequins with chiffon sleeves
90s Evening Dress - pink chiffon